Leaving Iceland

Monday 24th August – 29th
So it’s our last week and we’re just trying to get any jobs Ása can think of complete before we go. So in addition to the usual chores there’s some grass strimming and preparing the geocaches for our very special Bildudalur geocache trail.
P1020493 P1020496
P1020496 P1020495
P1020501P1020501 P1020504 P1020498
P1020506 P1020509
P1020515 P1020510 P1020507
We really hope people will enjoy this trail. When we go to clean the summer house on Saturday, it’s filthy. There’s cigarette ash on the floor in the upstairs bedroom -they’ve been smoking out the window. There’s a huge pile of washing up in the kitchen, all the floors are filthy and the bath is full of dirt. So it takes an age to clean, damn them!!
Photo0009 Photo0010 Photo0011
Apart from that it was a quiet week, the tourist levels are dwindling as the season comes to an end and there are days when the B&B only has one room occupied, we can only imagine how quiet it gets in the village over winter!

Sunday 30th August.
After breakfast we leave Bildudalur and head for Reykjavik. We stop for coffee with one of Ása’s friends on her farm and then head into town. We’re so lucky Ása has found a bed for us with her cousin. And to thank her for everything we take her out to dinner.
IMG_20150828_104002 IMG_20150827_154516 IMG_20150830_182157

IMG_20150830_182650 IMG_20150830_194024 IMG_20150830_182902

Monday 31st August
Asa drops us off at the domestic airport as today we’re flying to Scotland via the Faroe Islands. It’s a very small airport right in the city. The Faroe Islands ae very scenic as we fly over them, and we enjoy the sunshine during the hour stopover,and then finally we are back in the UK… Well Scotland at least, but last we heard it was still part of the UK!! Guess what… It’s drab and it’s raining, oh well!!

So we left the UK 8 months ago on 2nd January. Since then we’ve worked on a husky farm in Finland (6 weeks), taken a cruise around the Norwegian coast, worked in Sweden on a horse farm for 3 months, 3 weeks in a B&B/ceramic workshop in Tolne, Denmark and 2 months in a B&B in the Westfjords, Iceland.
Places visited:
Finland – Helsinki, Inari, Ivalo and Karigasniemi.
Norway – Kirkenes, Vardo, Honningsvag, Hammerfest, Tromso, Bodo, Trondheim, Molde, Torvik, Floro,Bergen, Flam and Oslo.
Sweden – Floby, Falkopking, Stockholm , Gotenburg, Skvode, Stromstad and Marstrand
Denmark – Tolne, Copenhagen, Frederickshaven, Skagen, Hjorring and Londstrup
Iceland – Reykjavik, Bildudalur, Patreksfjord, Talknafjord, Latrabjerg, Raudersande, Isafjordur, Jokulsarlon, Vik, Eyrabakki, Selfoss, Myrvatn, Dalvik, Husavik, Akeyuri, and all the other natural sites of Iceland like Gullfoss, Geysir and too many more to list!!! Not to mention the wildlife we have seen!
We’ve had some awesome experiences, met fantastic people and seen fabulous sights. Thank you to everyone who hosted us or worked with us! We’ve had a brilliant 8 months.

But it’s not over yet, we are only in the UK long enough to sort out some admin, see friends, check the bike and then we are off, cycling to France, then Spain, Portugal and who knows where, as we hunt the warmth for winter.

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