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Our original plan was to go via Spain and Morocco to winter in the warmer climes.  However that changed when we decided to go and work with huskies in the arctic circle and so off we went to Scandinavia.  This phase was without the bike and we decided once it was complete to come back and start cycling!!

So we did 3 months in Finland (which turned into 6 weeks) in the Arctic Circle Inari with before hitchhiking to northern Norway and catching a boat to Bergan and a train to Oslo then finally a coach to Sweden (multi vehicular use!)

Then 3 months in Sweden with

then a month in Denmark with

followed by 2 months in Iceland with Asa in the Westfjords and sightseeing the rest of Iceland in our spare time.

Then the bike journey began

In Oct 2015 we were ready to start cycling.  We took the ferry from Portsmouth to Santander in Spain. Then we cycled all around Europe, as far as the Ukraine before heading south for winter in Crete then Turkey for 2016. 2017 saw us cycling out of Turkey to Central Asia and the famed Pamir Highway.  For ‘winter’ 2017 we went to Nepal and India before flying to Japan for Spring Blossom in 2018.